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Dress Up Glitch


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I created wood elf female character. Since she had a neck gap I had to change her body weight and I rose up her height from "0" to "1". After every sex scene, my PC can't dress up again. I have to do it manually. When tried to return her hight and weight to her default state over console command, nothing changed. This became very frustrating.


Anyone have suggestion what to do?


I have SL 1.55

SKSE 1.7, R

Race menu 2.7.0

MontyXs Race Compatibility Mod

Race Plus

ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer

RaceCompatibility with fixes


All mods are up to date.


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I seem to recall reading once that SL has some code to require a certain minimum height as additional protection against sex scenes starting that appear to contain underage actors. This was back in 1.39, so no idea what the state of that code might be now. The only thing I can think of that might be impacting you, but I wouldn't think it would show up at redressing unless you are changing your size in the middle of the scene. If you are, then it might be sexlab flagging you as an invalid actor and terminating when it is ready to redress you.

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Thank for the reply traveller. I never do anything during the sex scenes. All setting I did was in closed ambient (house, tavern or shop) and my PC is idle. Well that never happened with any other (humanoid) race except Wood elf female race. To be honest, I didn't play with dark elf or any other similar race, khajit or ugly lizard race. This is the 5th time I play as Wood elf female and this is the first time that is happened.

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