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possible anim issue with latest loversbitch

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ok, here is the scenerio.  Everything was working beautifully and I remembered that one of the notes for this version said the alpha wolf was fixed, so I went to the wolf cave and after a few attempts i was able to get the bitch bone from the alpha wolf in the cave.  This is where the issue started, once I received the bitch bone from the alpha wolf my character will no longer exit the on all fours position.  I tried setting a new hotkey to begin and end the position but the only way I can walk normally is to hold in the hotkey.  Has anyone else ran in to this issue or is my game file just bugged?


Other than the aboved mentioned possible bug, this mod is sweet and I can not wait until more is completed!  :D

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Use "set xLoversBitchTraining.forceToGround to 0" and "set xLoversBitchTraining.forcedBy to 0". I'll have the next version up soon, which should help prevent this from happening.



If you need help in the future, you're more than welcome to use the main topic for LoversBitch (the one in the Downloads section). I'm more likely to respond there.

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