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Dragon Grappling


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          Has anyone ever thought about being able to grab onto a dragon and valiantly chop away at its wings? I’ve been thinking about sex lab submit and how it handles NPC and player submission. Dkatryl has, in my opinion, the best way of handling submission and player submission. Imagine that you are fighting a dragon in Skyrim and you successfully block bash the dragon in the face causing it to reel backward in pain. While the dragon is staggered you tap your grapple hot key. Pressing this key initiates an animation where your character leaps at the dragon and throws out a special grapple hook that locks into the dragon’s scales. While in the grapple state the dragon takes flight.

           New flight animations that fit would have the dragon shaking and spinning in an attempt to send the Dovakhiin aloft. While you cling to the dragon you can attack and consume stamina potions. Your stamina will drain as you hold onto the dragon. When you strike the Dragon’s wings it will force the dragon lower to the ground so that you can safely dismount when you have run out of stamina. This would require a great deal of scripting and custom animations to be built to show the player hanging on and striking the dragon. I just wanted some thoughts on this and to see how many people would be interested in a mod like this. I’m no mod maker and am just posting this to generate interest.



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