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Cool, Skse_Loader.exe 1.07 Alpha Is A Virus :-)

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As above. G-Data Anitvirus called this a virus and killed the .exe from my Skyrim installation, from my back up copy folder, from my back up Skyrim installation folder and didn't allow me to load the website where I am able to download it. I call that efficient :-)


Had to create an exception in my Virus tool and had to delete the whole browser chronical, because even after deinstalling the Antivirus tool the web block was still active :-)


Have to say I love my little pitbull antivirus tool, when it catches you, then it gnaws on you.

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try report that for skse team, can be a virus or cannot, in my opinion thats say its a virus because now skse handle some memory manager now and some antivirus "think" its a virus because that, but to get sure its for best doing a report.

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