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Oh so that's what I wanted to know. Thank you for your reply .. 

I'm just playing this mod setbody reloaded. 

And I did not know if it does not conflict with LAPF ... 

  I am glad that I can use setbody ... Nothing occurred to me that mod is good to changes in body female characters ... I've tried almost everything .. maybe 

  A no ideas occurred to me before setbody used ... 


And as it is with Claudia I noticed that during sex with women they vanishes penis .. 

It can be something to correct this problem? 

Me it only happens when there is setbody Reloaded installed .. 


Otherwise, I was running with no problems. 

Except for some weird animation. But I do not solve ... 

Especially since there do not fly away air .. 


I'd show a screenshot, but I was not in the game ... just in Skyrim ...

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