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Uv Iii & Map Maker Overhaul - Limited Fast Travel Issue

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Minor conflict exists between Unnecessary Violence III (UVIII) and Map Maker Overhaul (MMO) regarding limited fast traveling. Map Maker allows you to limit number of cells you can travel across the Tamriel at one time. Long story short whenever I have UVIII.esp activated in load order limited fast travel isn't limited anymore. You can travel like in the default Oblivion with no time & cell restrictions.


I tried adjusting UVIII.esp and MMO esp position in the load order to no avail.







For admin; seems like you can't capitalize consecutively letters in the title of the thread.

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We don't allow "shouting" in titles.   :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:


Are you using a bashed patch?  If so then merely swapping the esp's around in order won't solve your problem.  You also "may" have to start a new game for the fix to take place.

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