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Zaz Animation Pack Doesn't Works


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Hi so i have been trying to install the ZaZ animation pack and i did everything correctly i have FNIS and stuff but it still doesn't works it doesn't give any error but when i try to use one of the animations nothing happens i did the FNIS user thing i help me please 

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Yeah, what Uriel said. What mod are you trying to start the Zaz anims with?


Did you go into the Zaz part of the MCM and register it with SexLab? If so, did you make sure those animations were checked in the SexLab menu?

No i didn't do the mcm thing sorry i m new at this how am i going to do it?

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Just open the MCM menu and go to the Zaz option. In there is an option to register it with SL. After a few seconds it should be ready to use. The animations should, by default, already be turned on in the SexLab menu, but check to be sure.

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See all those "no" entries? Can you make them say "yes"?


I am still using an older version so your menu is different than mine. But once you register it with SL it takes a while to finish before it will work. And even after it registers you may have to go into SL and make sure "restrict aggressive animations" is NOT checked and that your Zaz anims are on the animation list.

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To "Yes" them, you need to go to SexLab MCM, and "reset animation registry" in the debug options. Then go to ZAZ anim pack again and press "Register". Those No's should then turn to Yes's in a couple of seconds.

Not sure it's an issue here though. I've never used ZAZ animation spells myself.

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