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i need help, some of the Mods here are not working or particular not working. I Tried the Mod "Devious" and tried to get raped by some 1 but when they rape me a error appairs that something broke, and then it crashes. Can you set up a clean Mod list with "Tweaks" or similair. I cant even get the damn lock open without paying 8k :(. I hope you can help me. Sorry if my english is kinda rude/bad, because english is not my native Language so forgive me :/ ~Desu

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OK, listen, since you know which mod doesn't work, I suggest you to open Devocious Devices thread and read first, requirements and installation instructions, second, the posts of the people that have the same problems and the author's replies to the present issue. Some other people's posts also offering helpful information under the same thread.


Do that for all mods that you suspect not working. It takes time, I know, but you will find your answer quicker than using back & forth questions-answers method, since there can be more issues in some mod's compatibility and SexLab.


It will be good too, to read SexLab's troubleshooting and FAQ.



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