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Reading skill books doesn't advance skill


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I have the following versions


Framework 1.39

Assets 2.7

Integration 2.74

expansion 1.0

start a deviant life 2.1


I started with armbinder, blindfold, slave boots, locked ring gag,  locked harnes, locked padded bra, locked padded collar, locked arm and leg cuffs, and locked padded chastity belt with daedric soul plugs.  I was able to remove the armbinder, blindfold and slaveboots before I started exploring.   I have since been able to remove everything except the belt and soul plugs.  I just thought of something is this a side effect of the soul plugs?   Any help or advice would be appreciated.  I am storing all the books in case I get this solved.  Thanks

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I am not entirely sure what is causing it, I have had times that the books work with multiple DD items on and others that they don't and I have not pinned it down to a single item. My theory is it is related to Aroused and the interaction of the belt with it and the XP modifier when aroused.

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Yeah, I think it could be your arousal level. I've noticed that happen to me in the past.


If you have a high arousal the rate at which you increase skills is reduced. I think it's something like -10%. So a skill book should increase the relevant skill by one rank, but if you read it while your arousal is (I think) 50 or higher, you only get 90% of a rank, so there's a chance it won't be raised. You should still get almost all the way to the next level though.


Easiest way to test it is to save your game, then read a skill book and see if your rank goes up. If it doesn't, reload, remove the belt (console in a key if you have to) and have a good play with yourself until you get the message that you've lost your desires :P Then read the same book and see if it works. You can then always go back and carry on with the belt and plugs if you'd rather keep them on, and just wait a while to read your books.

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