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CTD 3 seconds after starting

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I use Live another Life alternate start and when i picked my location (camping in the woods) it loaded the cell i took two steps and it crashed i tried it 3 times and they all crashed out in about 3 seconds


I think it has something to do with Climates of Tamriel,Supreme Storms or a COT patch


i can upload my load order if needed  but i dont think it will be much help as i only have 32 esp's activated




EDIT: Found the culprit

It was the COT weather patch or some part of it now does anyone know why?

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Hmmm Live another Life buggued heavily for me. Can't lanch a new game with SOS activated. But, in fact, that wasen't SOS the culprit, but LAL itself. The proof is : with Skyrim Unbound, no problems, i can launch a new game with all my mods activated without any crash.

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