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CBBE armor floating neck How do I add the neck back


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Okay so I have a CBBE body rope armor and it is missing a piece of its neck. A floating head neck seam. How would I go about fixing this? I have the same armor In unp and the neck appears fine but body texture is not what I use if that helps.attachicon.gifScreenShot10.bmp


Return to the CBBE armor and use showracemenu, setting the weight to minimum or maximum and watch if the neck gap increases/decreases according to your changes. Probably is a bodyslide issue (the _0 and _1 files not matching the head position)


I don't know how the outfit studio works, but I'm not sure if you should have NiSkinInstance branches in armor pieces; at least in 3DS Max the output is a BSDismemberSkinInstance branch were you assign the body part mesh replacer. 

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hmm... so I'm missing a mesh for weight 0?


I will have to test.

Okay tested and even with max weight the neck is floating, though a little less noticeable(smaller gap but still there is a gap). I have a feeling he body mesh may actually be wrong and not CBBE and even if it is maybe an old version? Well I need a outfit studio master to help fix this. I gave it my best shot and I CTD when loading up the game with the new mesh.


So yeah in outfit studio I noticed the body mesh is not the same as other CBBE outfits.


tried the clothing converter and I could not get it right.

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