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SexLab Enchantress (Post-Animation Lock Keyboard/View Bug)

Guest Nine1000

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Guest Nine1000

Need some help:


Have had no trouble getting SexLab Enchantress to work, but sometimes after animations the keyboard and view freeze.


I re-installed everything and have been turning mods on and off to figure out the issue.


It might be caused after killing an NPC (anywhere) and then initiating an animation. Otherwise, I can run around sexing up the whole world with no freezing.


Below is a list of my currently installed mods (not load order, already tried that). Can anyone tell me what's going wrong?



Crawl on fours animation

Fores New Idles (3x)-Main / Creatures / Spells

XP32 Maximum Skeleton


Sexy Vanilla Female Armor

Better Males

SeveNBase Female Body Installer

SG Female Textures Renewal

External Black-Immersive Bodies Beta


SexLabFramework v139b

SexLab Enchantress

SKSE Scripts






Thanks in advance!




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