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Race body types mod


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Hey guys,


I'm working on a mod which assigns different body types to different races. Currently, I have implemented this by modifying the skeleton of each race. 


However, I have hit a brickwall. I want to make some race skinnier or chubbier than others. I don't see a good way to accomplish this by just modifying skeleton_female.nif file. Each nif node only has one scaling factor which scales the node in all directions, and therefore I can't make any body parts thinner or thicker, only smaller or larger. I've also fiddled around with node offsets but it seems like they do not affect anything graphical in-game.


I understand this is possible by modifying the mesh, but I don't want to modify the mesh of hundreds of different pieces of armor for each race.


Does anyone have a good idea on how to make body parts thinner or thicker (i.e. scale in two axis instead of three) through modifying skeletons?

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