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Something funny happend.


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Hey Guys,


So I started playing the Dragonborn DLC again... something that I've been avoiding due to playing an "I'm not the Dragonborn play through".


But anyway here I was in this dusty place talking to Glover when that annoying Orc Mogrul starts running his mouth.


Then I thought... "What if I set him to half height and watch people get harassed by this tiny Orc?"

So poof I make him smaller (setscale 0.5).

it wasn't funny... at all...

"What if I make him wear a funny outfit?" (as if wearing the tavern wench outfit by default wasn't be funny enough)

So after a bit of looking around I find this -> Gomdori Armor By Nausicaa

Perfect... now to edit Mogrul so his default outfit is now this bear.


Tiny Teddy Mogrul...


I laughed a bit when I saw this small Teddy Bear dishing out threats to the folks in Raven Rock.



This wasn't the best part.


Later that night, I go to the The Retching Netch to find...




I lol'ed reallly hard... I love the way it looks like he's sitting in those baby chair thingies... (so fucking adorable...)






Dude... why is this in the NSFW section?

Because this smile.







Soz for the long read hope it made you lol a little.


If you've had a funny scene happen to you, post it up.

I can't be the only one.


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