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Help needed for removing annoying dialog line


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I have favorite custom follower of name Lola. There is one line in her dialog that she constantly repeat: "We stop. We should keep moving!" When I say constantly, I mean it literary. Every 40 seconds. Does anybody know how can I remove that line from her dialogue box? CK is out of options since been very complicated for using to me.

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Well, you could try TES5Edit. If the plugin hasn't that much of dialogue lines, you could easily identify it. But using the CK is still alot easier for that because you can search for it. In TES5Edit, unless you do know the FormID or EditorID, you can't search for such specific things.

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Thank you for the answer HeroM. I will try to use Tes5 edit because I know to work on it. I tried to do similar things in CK but since it is very complicated for use , and there a lot of things to follow up, I lost NPC's meshes and textures.


BTW - do you know how to reactivate Tes5edit's back up file?

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Then it is probably a vanilla dialogue line which will be said under certain conditions. Not much that you can do about it.


Regarding the backup files: Somewhere in your Skyrim folder there is a new folder TES5EDITBackup or something similar. If you have checked the box "make backup file" in TES5Edit, that is the place where the backups are stored.

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Thanks for the reply HeroM, I found that file and put it back into data folder, but the game doesn't read it. Here is what I did: I edited some dialog text from Radiant prostitution. Tes5edit regularly made a back file and stored it in TEs5edit back folded. All worked well until a new version of Radiant prostitution was installed. The changes I made in dialog are gone. So, there is that backup file which I inserted back to the Data folder, but the game and RP don't read me. I still have original RP dialog. I do not know how to make that backup file to work.

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