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Unaffected by unrelenting force


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Hi there


As far as I experienced it, there are creatures in skyrim who can resist the unrelenting force shout.

When I shout at them, they don't fly away like paper. Maybe because they are very large; or maybe I just didn't hit that shout button very well.


But if this immunity is actually a thing, how can I add it do an actor in the ck?

I have this big big final boss in my mod and I don't want the player to be able to fus ro dah him off the cliffs.

I hope there is a way to do that and would appreciate any help! xshy.gif.pagespeed.ic.aUFj5FRXzt.png


great weekend

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That's really not relevant to his question, is it? It's already true that some characters are immune to Unrelenting Force and similar effects, like the Greybeards, Tsun, and Karstaag, all he wants to know is how to give an enemy that immunity in the CK.


I don't have first-hand experience of how to do this myself, but Arngeir and Tsun do have a keyword called ImmuneStrongUnrelentingForce assigned in their entries, perhaps that's the source of it?

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