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replacer PC face


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I am trying to build an item/mod in CK to replace the face+mouth+eyes of my PC, but leave the hair as it is.

replacing biped object 30 (head) replaces head+hair. how do i leave the hair and just replace the rest?

is that possible?

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sorry if i was unclear, english is obviously not my native language :)


anyway what i am trying to make is an item that changes the face of my character, but leaves the hair untouched

something like a mask... an item i can equip on my redguard character to have an elven face or an orc face, but leave my hairstyle unchanged

I just dont know how to replace only the head and not the hair.


i hope that clarifies what i am trying to do

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I would try to create a helmet with body template set to "Head" in "Armor" and "Armor Addon" records. If it's what you're doing already, you probably need to edit your mesh too.

If you want, i can look at the mesh you use.

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