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  1. Heya, could I ask you to make a patch so that this mod can properly work with another mod I'm using? It's Yiffy Age of Skyrim and it's schlong mod that comes with it. I was wondering if you could make the strap-on in this mod bend like you did with the Calpyso(SP?) strap-on. See here(And my post there) to see my issue.

    1. Taven


      Any word on this, or are you not interested..? It's alright either way, I'd just like to know.

    2. Changer


      Sorry, but I dont play Skyrim atm. So im not modding also. Its pure coincidence that I just checked out LL and saw your post :>

  2. if you just want breast and butt bounce then you dont need nifscope at all. any equip working with cbp can be made to work with hdt smp simply by adding it to the xml file. But i would not recommend you to get SMP only for that. CBP does a pretty good job in that area with minimum stability/performance impact. SMP is rather something for you, if you want hair/cloth physics. And adding these things to non-SMP meshes will always (possibly not always but for QUITE a while) require editing them. I would not get my hopes up for a tool for it any time soon.
  3. setting the linear equilibrium's z value in the generic constraints helped me to counter gravity. imagine a spring with a weight attached to it. you hang the spring so that the weight is at a specific height when the spring is in its neutral state, but the gravity streches the spring. so you've got to hang it a tad higher. Its basicly the same thing. Thats propably not the best way to solve this, but it worked for me. if you are working with bone angles in your tails, you might need to tweak the angular equilibrium as well. Not sure which rotation axis is the one that controlls pointing up/down. you could also set the linear and angular maxima/minima to stop the bones from falling down, but only if you NEVER want them to go below a certaint point in relation their respective parent bones. edit: just saw in your xml file that you dont use linear movement at all. in that case the angular equilibrium values are what you need to tweak. note that as you have a chain of bones you will need different values for each, as each bone carries the weight of all that follow. The earlier the bone's position in the chain, the more weight is dragging it down and thus the "higher you need to hang it".
  4. Sometimes the order of the shape declarations mattered for me. when it was wrong the physics stopped working. Try adding the collision shapes lower in the xml, or higher.
  5. your steam updated your game. if you dont have a copy of the previous version of your skyrimSE.exe, you've got to wait for skse64 being updated. Usualy it takes about a day
  6. it took me 1.5 days to stumble over the solution also (more or less by accident)... i was going crazy. i even started googling for someone writing about some max-bones-per-shape-limit. but found nothing. I am guessing that there was no such thing in classic skyrim and its a SSE thing or maybe the new nif format.
  7. that was exacly the way i fixed my mesh. maybe i should have elaborated more... it just seemed that people didnt realy care at that time, so i didnt :x
  8. I'm propably not the first one to ask for this, but in case I am ill do so anyway: It would be great to be able to visualize the bone positions of the project in the 3d view of outfit studio. Actually seeing where the bone nodes are in relation to the mesh would help immensely, when weight painting manually. Currently my best workaround is to open the skeleton in nifscope, copying the mesh in and then trying to pinpoint the position of the node in nifscope on one screen while weight painting in OS on the other...
  9. I think ive got it. FINALLY. Now i can start on the actual SMP part... As a side note: Is there a maximum amount of bones that can be rigged to a mesh? Like for example a single mesh can not be rigged to more then XYZ bones? I know that there is a maximum of 4 bones per vertex. but in my case it seems that the amount of bones on the mesh was too high after i added 40 additional bones. I am modding skyrim and working with meshes and bone weights for years now, but ive never heard of that before Oo.
  10. that was not a HDT mesh before i started. I added all the extra bones and weighted them. so the oldrim mesh will not have any parent/child bones Simply converting the mod to sse worked without problems. But i just cant get the extra bones to work properly. Most of the time the dressbone 1 and 2 chains were making trouble. sometimes 7 and 8, this time its a part of the dressbone 3 chain, it seems. I dont understand why that happens.
  11. Ok, so ive been trying for nearly the whole day to fix this damn mesh. I am frustrated. Can someone take a look at it and tell me what i am doing wrong? A part of the mesh (in the current state close to the left leg at the "dressbone3" chain) is streching into infinity to the side. It is NOT a HDT issue, it is not falling through the ground or moving at all. I have removed HDT from my game for testing purposes and the problem persists. The bones are all there in the .nif file. There are 10 chains with 8 bones each. one of them refuses to work. It is some weighting problem, as redoing the weights sometimes changed the position of the failing area (i.e. to a different bone chain). But after redoing them for what feels like a million times, it still doesnt work. Nifscope shows no problems, outfit studio does neither. I know this might be the wrong place to ask as it is technically not an HDT issue, but thats only cuz i didnt even get to tweaking the .xml properly yet.... There are still some remnants of the reference i used that i didnt rename/delete yet. Ill clean all that up when i finaly get it to f** work. Rigref7.nif
  12. I already checked that site out (it was the first place i looked in fact). Unfortunately all skirts/dresses there only cover parts. Menshua for instance only covers the back and sides. the front is open. I am looking for something that covers all sides
  13. Does someone have a dress/robe-like smp outfit that is long enough to reach the feet and completely encloses the actors legs without cuts? I am trying to add smp to a dress-outfit of mine and would like to have a reference. Can someone share one with me, or point me to where I could find it? It does not matter whether it's for oldrim or how it looks like, as it is only for reference.
  14. i'm sure there are plenty of people interested in SMP Clothing (and Hair for that matter). Using a skined mesh collision system for just breast jiggle is kind of an overkill. Its just that as of now the plugin is in a very early state. Lots of stuff gets changed between versions and potentially changes how xmls are to be set up. Just like with your capes. I did play around with the xmls, but to me it just makes sense to wait a couple more months. I'm sure I'm not the only one and we will see more SMP clothing with later versions of the plugin.
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