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Benjamin318 Textures pack wanted


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Does Anyone still have Benjamin318 textures stuffs from Skyrim Nexus? Since he's banned from there.  I'm looking for 4k-8k stuffs he made.  Like Rocks and mountain, Spriggan, tents, Statues, etc.  Basically all his textures stuffs.  He was one of the best.  If anyone have links or can share it, I would highly appreciate it.  Thanks in advance.

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Its all upscale stuff. Its pretty easy to make your own.



you're wrong,  His stuffs was actual pictures from a super high pixel image.  So please don't speak if you have no clue.



Cabal takes the words right out of my mouth:

lol...we're still discussing about vanilla textures+resize+ noise+photo overlay ? :D

please no


You can go back through his threads on the Nexus forums and find many similar complaints. He does essentially the same thing that Ewi does, except he knew how to apply noise better,


A simple matter of Googling his username turns up some interesting links:




Unfortunately, he hasn't uploaded his pack to places other than fucking Nexus, and the last time he was online was last year, when the neoliberal gave him rabies.


You realize was banned by his own request after accusing (and threatening) another mod author of stealing his work cause god forbid the author decided to use the same mountain pics as his overlay. :)

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