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Need some help for item used script


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I'm trying to make that when the player use a unique scroll (from me), an object reference is moved to him (because PlaceAtMe doesn't exist ! u_u)

(If you know how to make than the courrier gives you a letter and a scroll, tell me,

actually I've done that when player reach level 70 or is higher level, a letter and a scroll appear in his inventory).


When I try something interesting it says things like that :

- no viable alternative at input 'Event'

- missing EOF at 'EndFunction' But nothing is missing... u_u (for me)


An exemple of my script but I'm new to making quests and scripts so I don't know which event exist or not etc

I've tried a lot of events etc but the better case is the warning above..


Event OnScrollCast(ObjectReference kCaster, Scroll kScroll)

    If kCaster == PlayerRef

        If kScroll == ValadornScrollAlias

            SephirothRef.MoveTo(Playerref,500.0) ; or SephirothRef.TranslateToRef(PlayerRef, 500.0)





Of course SephirothRef etc are already completed in the parent script. Thank you !


Info : this mod should be for the community and I try to add Sephiroth as a boss level 70-80 with possibility to craft his weapon and his costume after killing him.

I want to do that without adding directly anything in the game to avoid compatibility issues.

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This site should help you.


You'll probably need to do your own magic effect that you attach to your scroll. You can then do the script as an extended version of ActiveMagicEffect, attached to that custom magic effect. OnEffectStart is most likely all you need to use from that.


There is also a placeatme type function, but in most cases you don't want to use it. It creates copies of items/actors/anything, so it generally breaks stuff if used with NPCs for example.

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I've read almost all that site but not that three pages. Thank you I'll see what I can do with it.

Scripting Skyrim is an awful experience compared to The Battle for Wesnoth where I've done a lot of things without too much issues.

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As I need a target, I'm doing a spell to summon a little strange rabbit which is a simple actor,

and if you cast the scroll on it you'll be face to face with Sephiroth. 

It should be a little frustrating if you miss it so you should absolutely save your game before to cast the scroll...

I'll see if it's okay like that (until now I was trying with an aimed magic effect).

Oh and in fact, you get the scroll and the letter at the beginning of the game because it passes through my conditions,

I don't know why but I say an advice for the level needed in the letter.

That's even better like that because you can try it when you want (after a quick save x)  ).

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"placeatme is not a function or does not exist"

x) I'll uninstall Creation Kit soon lol


I just can't do anything without placing something in the world to cast the magic effect on it...

I can do that in fact (I hope).

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