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CK dark head .... grrrrrrr


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It appears I can successfully create a follower if I use only vanilla resources. I created Jennelle as a Nord and fiddle farted around with all kinds of settings and she's pretty. :)  And..... she WORKS. 


Then I got more ambitious.

I tried (3 times now) to create a Lunari follower with Apachii Skyhair in a custom color. I get bitten by the dreaded dark head bug every single time I try this. I keep reading about simply regenerating the facegendata (CNTRL_+F4) but, while that DOES apparenty create a new set of files, they don't work any better and that method does not solve the problem for me. That was started by using the SPF *new_char_name* immediately after creating a new character.


THEN I read about using the "Z" to Export Head in RaceMenu, and NifMerge to merge the CharGen nif with the CK-created nif. And then using the dds from Chargen instead of the one that CK created. That seemed to be a big improvement, but there's still a color mismatch between head (neck) and body.


I've learned a lot. I can now "ESM-ify" an esp (LunariRace.esp) using Wrye Bash so I can include it as a Master in Creation Kit. And then "ESP-ify" it when I'm done.


But I'm still struggling. I KNOW that people are creating Lunari followers with Apachii hair. I have spent the better portion of the last 2 or 3 days trying to get this to work. Anyone got a box of clues they wouldn't mind sharing? I know it can be done. I see that people are making Lunari followers. I just want to make one for myself that works. :) I've got 3 now with dark heads. :)


If you know of a resource that coveres this better, I'd love to get pointed in the right direction if you don't have time to mentor me a bit yourself.



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I'd hate to break it to you, but there's a learning curve when it comes to creating any npc with modded appearances. You'll have to either


A. load up the mods you used in CK along with the NPC esm (This will make the NPC dependent on the mods you used) or

B.  Create custom body parts in creation kit and linking to the body parts to corresponding mesh and texture sets.


Since you are making a custom race follower, you will have to load the mod along with your NPC as the active file in creation kit both ways. I suggest you read some tutorials and closely follow them step by step to learn the mechanics of the creation kit.




PS: the dark head bug is caused when you told the file to use a certain head, but it can't find the corresponding head mesh/ texture.

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Not sure why I didn't see that tutorial in my searching around, but a LOT of tutorials came up and none seemed to deal well with custom races.


So I think I'm going to delete the ones I've made up to now and start over and try to follow that tutorial from start to finish and see what I come up with.


For making the Lunari follower with Apachii hair, I activate the normal skyrim.esm and update.esm as well as the apachii hair esm, RaceCompatibility.esm and LunariRace.esp (the LunariRace.esp get ESM-ified by Wrye Bash while in CK and then I ESP-ify it back when done)


I have to find the significance of setting the "active file" in CK. I know when I'm editing my newcharacter.esp I set that as the active file, but prior to even creating that esp...... not sure what's supposed to be the active file.


I'll get there.... eventually


thanks again for the help. :)

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ok, well.... I followed the tutorial from start to finish and...... dark head. :)

Not as bad as previous attempts, but still didn't work out. I think I'm going to try another one, following the tutorial again and this time without Apachii hair and see if that's my problem.

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OK, I made a Breton female follower (not Lunari) and used a vanilla hair (not Apachii) although I did use a custom color on the hair.


She came out PERFECT!


I did not make her a standalone as in the tutorial, but just made her for myself because I seem to have an awful lot to learn about making custom race followers :)


I DID follow these instructions to use the Chargen exported head. Using only the CK-generated nifs and textures, she had a dark head and the wrong color hair. I did the normal CNTRL+F4 after reloading her in CK and re-exporting the facegen data and that solved the dark head. After following that link tells how to use the exported stuff from CharGen her hair was the right color and her face is much better.


SO.... I can make a follower using a vanilla race and hair.


Now to try the same thing using a vanilla race and Apachii hair. I have another Chargen export of the exact same character but with the Apachii hair I was after. I'm going to see if I can simply redo the NifMerge and texture save from THAT one and see if it changes her hair :)


Learning stuff is good for your brain!


** EDIT **


OK, just trying to remerge nifs didn't work out. Guess I have to go back into CK with Appachii hair enabled, add the hair in CK, re-export the facegen data, and try again. It *may* not have worked because I didn't CREATE her with Apachii hair as a master. We shall see.

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Loaded my Breton female Aralee in game. 

Changed her hair to Apachii Hair F28.

Used "Z" to Export Head from Racemenu.

Renamed her to Arali and exited Racemenu.

console, SPF Arali to make the Arali.npc file


Went back into CK with Apachii Hair enabled in data, and then created a new Actor (Arali) and went through the whole process and at the end I imported Arali.npc, but it doesn't bring in her Apachii hair. So I had to change her hair to Apachii Hair F28.

Placed her in the Temple in Whiterun.

Saved in CK

exported the facegen data from CK

exited CK.

Re-opened CK and loaded Arali and RE-exported facegen data. (Why you have to do this twice is beyond me, but if I don't reopen the character and re-export the facegen data, CK gives me a dark head)


Brought the Chargen-generated nif into the "source mesh" side of NifMerge and the CK-generated one into the "target mesh" side

checked "Merge Child Nodes" and "Match by Vertex" and then merged the nif (made backup copies of the originals and stuff first)

Opened TheGimp and opened the CharGen-generated texture file.

Export as... DDS (No Compression, Format Normal, Generate MipMaps)

copied that new texture file into the location of the CK-generated texture file.


Started Skyrim and loaded the save where I was standing next to her in the Temple and....


She's gorgeous!

I was so happy, I gave her some Sun Armor. :)



I CAN create a follower that looks decent even if she's NOT a Lunari

I CAN create a follower AND use Apachii hair





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