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Do unloaded Loose Files take resources?


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I have a question about loose files in the data folder. I've got a few old mods that I manually installed, meshes and textures still in there.

Would these files take up resources and slow skyrim down even though they are not being loaded into skyrim on start (e.g. randomly named files), just for the fact they they reside in the data folder, or are they safe to leave there?

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As I've got (as probably everyone has got) a few hundred mods installed I think it's the ram I'm trying to reduce the strain on, even if it just a little bit, trying to reduce CTDs as much as possible. Would it be the same with the scripts?

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Having scripts loose or in a BSA does not reduce the amount of memory they need.
BSAs need slightly more RAM because unpacking the compressed data is done in RAM.

But if you want to limit the RAM and VRAM usage, optimize your textures and limit their size. For 2GB VRAM the max texture size should be 2048px.

Using ENB (with or w/o graphics modifications) reduces the amount of RAM the engine uses as well, as textures will be stored in a seperate process.

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