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HDT stops working after transformation


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My physics will be working and when i transform back into my self from a werewolf 

my Physics will be gone..


I am using 10-24 physics extension

Hdt Collision by Head

[XP32] Maximum skeleton

cbbe bodyslide


[04/10/14 14:13:01]INFO: Queue OK
[04/10/14 14:13:01]INFO: System run with 6 threads
[04/10/14 14:13:01]INFO: Havok simulated world created.
[04/10/14 14:13:01]INFO: SKSEPlugin_Load
[04/10/14 14:13:15]INFO: Suspending ... Mist Menu
[04/10/14 14:13:24]INFO: Resuming... Main Menu
[04/10/14 14:13:24]INFO: Suspending ... Loading Menu
[04/10/14 14:13:33]INFO: Physics system loaded : Data\skse\plugins\hdt.xml
[04/10/14 14:13:36]INFO: Resuming... Fader Menu
[04/10/14 14:13:36]INFO: Cell changed...
[04/10/14 14:13:36]INFO: Add character 000a2c94
[04/10/14 14:13:36]INFO: Add character 00000014
[04/10/14 14:13:36]INFO: Physics system loaded : Data\skse\plugins\hdt.xml
[04/10/14 14:13:36]INFO: Physics system loaded : Data\skse\plugins\hdt.xml
[04/10/14 14:13:51]INFO: Physics system loaded : Data\skse\plugins\hdt.xml
[04/10/14 14:13:56]INFO: Suspending ... Journal Menu
[04/10/14 14:14:01]INFO: Resuming... Fader Menu
[04/10/14 14:14:01]INFO: Suspending ... Loading Menu
[04/10/14 14:14:02]INFO: Physics system loaded : Data\skse\plugins\hdt.xml
[04/10/14 14:14:12]INFO: Resuming... Mist Menu
[04/10/14 14:14:13]INFO: Cell changed...
[04/10/14 14:14:13]INFO: Add character 00000014
any clue?
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No clue but in order to make it work i would suggest this:


1.a) use Mod Organizer (this is optional)

1.B) Remove HDT Physics extension (step 4 is replacing this) and remove Hdt Collision by Head

2. download files only from this page http://www.loverslab.com/topic/29830-havok-breast-physic-xml-files-for-beginners-video-addet/

3. Download havok breast physic (also download files for dragonborn and downguard if you have that DLCs installed)

4. Download hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP_for_beginners or one with less jiggle

5. Install everything you downloaded with Mod organizer and you should have working physics and collision

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