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Tan robe texture issue


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I use the robe replacement from Yuravica, just a mesh that overwrites the vanilla.






As you can see in the image, there's something wrong with the body tone. Only the tan robe has this issue, none of the other robes from Yuravica I use have any problem similar to this.

Is this something that can be corrected in Nifskope? If yes, I'd like to learn how but would need pointing in the right direction.

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Compare your body mesh with the robe mesh (the Body part of the robe mesh)

The Colors and Glossiness should be the same.

post-3205-0-19038300-1397159607_thumb.jpg compare the 4 Colors and the Glossiness


post-3205-0-49123700-1397159643_thumb.jpg double click the Color and you can see the numbers and can change them. If Body parts have different Colors it is nearly not noticeable in game, but different Gloss you see in game. So change Colors and Gloss of your robe mesh Body.


Then check the Vertex Colors, the Body should not have Vertex Colors. If there is a "Yes" click the Yes it will change to No.



Save and test in game.

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The robelc01f.nif has Glossiness 100 is that OK ? you use Body with Gloss 100 ? (Hand, Upper, lower, foot nifs) If Hand has 10 and upperBody 100 you see it in game. All other Things in the nif seems fine.

The BA files have wrong upperbody NiMaterialProperty (was not Skin) and both Gloss 10.


Here all files with Gloss 10 and Gloss 100 Version

And the robelc01f.nif with replaced upperbody (Gloss 10 and 100 Version)

Robe.7z hope one of them works



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Compared to the first image (where both arms have different color) I'd say that part is fixed. In-game it's pretty much seamless.

Was it something I did incorrectly or didn't do? Because I would like to try correct the leg parts and then the BA ones too.


But thanks for the help you already gave, a lot.

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In the robelc01f.nif I only set the Glossiness to 10

And in the exrta Folder "new upperbody Gloss 10" I replaced the upper Body with another HGEC B Cup upper Body.

 In the BA nifs the NiMaterialProperty was wrong (not Skin) so the mesh don't use the race Body Color and texture (It use the texture "textures\characters\imperial\female\footfemale.dds" so all NPCs and Player use the Imperial texture but not with the Color Settings (In the race menu you can set your Skin Color light or dark)


The legs I will test now in game. Perhaps I must replace the lowerbody as well.

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Yes lower Body is shit, the Color is darker.

Do you have another rope nif with correct Body Color ? so I can copy paste it to the robelc01f.nif.

The lower Body have no legs so I can not use a normal HGEC lower Body (or the legs will look through the tights.

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The other Robes in the replacer, I only need the Body part so the robe can be another one. In most replacers the Robes are all the same only with different textures.

I tested the lower bodies from the BA nif but they are also bugged.

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