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SmallerTalk Issue

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I recently did my full mod uninstall procedure for New Vegas (deactivate via FOMM, verify game files) to reinstall mods for a more serious playthrough. Unfortunately, some elements of SmallerTalk seem to have remained. A couple of NPC's from different mods will only say "Hey" and have no further dialogue.  Is this a known issue/is there any solution? Reinstalling would fix the problem, but I'm hesitant to take the nuclear option.

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Using an old Save? If so try starting from scratch (new game ) and see if there is any code left (in a save). Also try to see if other saves have that same issue. I haven't heard it occurring with Fallout but perhaps something got stuck in a save!? Could be, stranger things have happened. If that don't help I don't know what to say except perhaps there is some accidentally addition into one of the mods you are using that has a component (accidentally copied or added to a mod)

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