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AP skyrim animations doesn't work properly, please help


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Hello, I'm new here, hope my post doesn't break any rules.


So I just got newest version of ap skyrim installed with NMM, and everything works fine except when I choose all the newly added sex positions the characters just stand there staring each other with sounds. And old sex positions works fine.


So I think it has something to do my old version of ap skyrim since I installed it manually without NMM long long times ago.


Could someone help me to solve this problem? I'd be really appreciate. 


PS. I tried kill ap skyrim option in game, reinstalled with NMM, still those new positions doesn't work.

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The author of AP does not use FNiS to generate the animation lists, hence why he recommends in the mods description to delete one specific file if you use FNiS.
Can't remember the name of the file and don't feel like looking it up, but it's stated in the description. Delete it, run the FNiS generator and you're good to go.

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