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Dark Dungeons for ENB Merged + Removed Interior Fog V2 Compatibility

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Tired of having dungeons where the fog mysteriously gives off brightness? Tired of walking through dungeons where there is no light sources apparent and yet you can see as if you were a cat walking through the pitch-black night.


Well this is for you!


Basically, I merged Further Dark Dungeons for ENB and made it compatible (I transferred the fog settings in Removed Interior Fog V2). That way fog doesn't mysteriously light up your path.


It doesn't technically require removed interior fog, but you should include it in your load order. use boss to sort.


There are two versions.


Version 1 - Is just the further dark dungeons for ENB merged together for all DLC.

Version 2 - comes with edits for removed interior fog v2 compatibility. (It doesn't technically require it since it was just number changes.


Credits & Links to original files


Thanks to artem1s for creating such a great mod!

Further Dark Dungeons for ENB



Thanks to rgabriel15 for making interiors look much better!

Remove Interior Fog V2


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