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crashing durring start up after trying to install and bodyslide armor and clothes textures to work with Pregnant body


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I don't know what to delete to start over, what to do with the textures, or how to start over.


There is the thing with the load order on the READ THIS FIRST but I do not know what the Wyre Smash program is to get that file, and Papyrus was not enabled, unfortunately. I don't know if I have to many of the same texture and it is conflicting or if me doing something with bodyslide before installing the textures in MNM had something to do with it. 


Can I actually take my saves, uninstall the game and start over, or should I try to fix this somehow. 

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I will have to uninstall the mods and start from scratch. I believe something happened with the meshes and I may have deleted something I should not have. The extracter I have keeps making new folders for Bodyslide within the Bodyslide folder and I may have gotten confused. 


Hopefully, I can redo it and still you my previous saves. 

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update. I uninstalled and reinstalled the mods, removed Real Colors thingy, the pregger armor and went with another set () and the game is working again. Now the armor still doesn't show the baby bump, but I believe I shall give up on that endevor for now. 


Thank you for the help.

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