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Router Problem


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My girlfriend's 16 year old daughter wanted another line so she could use the 'net uninterrupted and without slowing down. So we got another cable modem and line from the cable company. And her daughter went and got a router to use since the modem itself isn't wireless (neither are). My problem is that router isn't new and it's already got a password set on it. I can use the 'net if I plug a laptop directly in to it, but nobody can access the wireless signal without the password.


So does anyone know a way I can access the router's control/settings page so I can set up a password and make it usable? If I can't I'll buy another router I suppose, but it would be nice to use this one and not have to buy another one.

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Thank you! I found a connect button on this model (LinkSys cheapo 300mb). Using that I got this computer to log on, but it takes forever to log on. :lol: There is a reset button on it and I didn't want to hit it just yet. But I may not have a choice. Between a reset and those passwords I might be able to get this thing going.


Thanks again!

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