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Yes another help thread involving the dark faces for Created Npcs


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I posted one at Nexus however the jokers there won't help at all, with multiple private whispers to me calling me a noob/moron whatever & since I've always gotten 100x better replies here on loverslab I'd thought to go here for this.


So before I made this thread, I made numerous attempts to try and figure out a fix to this.  However I'm completely stumped as it is now, because although I can get my created NPC into the game, they have the dark head face which is to say the least...completely annoying.


I've tried doing the Ctrl+F4 numerous times & it says it works but upon looking in the approriate folder to which it should the newly created face tin should be in it isn't there at all.  I even did a full search in my Skyrim folder for the name and nothing comes up for it.  <--- I'm quite sure this "might" be the problem, however my statement is, then why isn't it creating the facetint folder?  Yes, I'm pressing Ctrl+F4 (Othewise I wouldn't get the pop-up of "Export face gen data for all selected npcs?"), and yes, I've even tried doing Ctrl+F4 through searching for my "insertname" character and the other option of going through the entire list to directly click & then finally press ctrl+F4.


Yes, I know this has been asked numerous times before but I have made main characters with the ECE Mod in which I would like to use them as playable characters as an NPC follower, but it's not worth it if the face of these characters show up darker then the rest of the body.


The funny thing is...earlier when I first installed Skyrim, I had no problems creating Npcs with a dark head, but now it's a dileema.  Could it be that I'm trying to use SG Hairstyles?  But some of my npcs I've introduced earlier used it w/ no problems (given they were already neutral npcs like Hroki, Carlotta etc).  Is it because I'm trying to use ECE created characters? 


I've also got the red forehead issue when working on my ck as well.  Overall it's just really annoying.


Again, any help into pointing me into the right direction would be of tremendous help!  Thank You in Advance.


Below is one example of a created character I made with my ECE that I'm trying to implement as a playable follower in-game but imagine her with a darkened head.


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I'm not sure if I can help but I also had the grey head issue because of the All Female Guards mod. I have multiple mods for skin and also Apachii Hair.


In my case, because All Female Guards was the culprit, that's the ESP file I needed to edit in CK. The first time I did it, I opened Skyrim.ESM, exported the FaceGen data but in game still had grey faces. Oh noes! But I did it all correctly!


Nope, I then opened the AllFemaleGuards.ESP which uses Skyrim.ESM and Update.ESM as masters. I could now see under each Race / Female, that there were heaps of guards which were not there in the plain old Skyrim.ESM. So I exported all the Guards FaceGen stuff and bam, worked like a charm.


Maybe this gives you an idea of how to fix your problem. I was so stumped but then I remembered, grey heads are only the problem of the mod that changes the NPC. All Female Guards changes NPC settings from Male to Female, hence why the facegen data is needed :)


Good luck!

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Thanks but I don't believe All Femal Guards is the problem for me since I don't have that as a mod.  At the moment I'm still unsure as to why Ctrl+F4 does not save a FaceTint file for me even when it gives me the OK saying that it did.


Again, completely stomped and out of ideas.

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Might be an administrator rights issue with your OS. Have you tried running CK as administrator, or checking if your Skyrim folders are "read only"?


Also there are times when hitting ctrl+F4 doesn't create the file, you just have to keep trying until you see it there.


Also might want to check if you need to update your CK to a much more recent version to match your Skyrim version.


I've created NPC's with ECE as well, and the facegeom/tintmasks don't seem to have problems, just that I sometimes forget to run the CK as admin.

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Thank You for all of the replies, after numerous, numerous and more numerous attempts, I seem to have found a solution.


Whenever I first create my character and after the entire process is done, I will hit Ctrl+F4, and it will not produce the Face Gen file.  However what I did afterward was first load my Skyrim to check if it was at least working, in which it was, but unfortunately with the dark head issue.


So after saving the file as an Esp, I just simply re-uploaded it without ever closing the CK.  Afterward I would simply go back to the created character that I made, and pressed Ctrl+F4 again, this time however, it created the file that I needed which was that facetint.  Afterwards I would save it again in the CK, and with the CK still opened, I would go back into the game and check and it seems to be fine now.


So the Instructions are like this...


1.  Create your character (tons of instructions on it already)


2.  Save the Character as a new Esp File


3.  Without Closing the CK, just simply re-upload the Character Esp (which "should" automatically load with whatever esm or esp files you used creating it before).


4.  Then go back to the Character in the Actor list, and simply Ctrl+F4 which should create the new facetint in the folder.  Make sure it's there as the location should be Data/meshes/Actors/Character/Facegendata/Facegeom.  Now save the file once more and it should automatically overwrite it.


5.  Without closing the CK (keep it up just in case) and start up Skyrim.   Get into the game, search for your created character and smile at the fact that they no longer have a sun burnt head.


So for me, as far as I can tell, the dark head seems to be vanquished, and this is what I did in order for it to work for me.  Remember, this may or may not work for you, however I hope that this can help out those in return whom had similar problems to myself.


Now on to another problem...whenever I use the SG Textures and load it with the CK, the characters show up with a Red Forehead.  Does anyone know of a proper way to remove it and yes, I've tried that UpperEyeline thing or whatever and went through each item one by one and still couldn't fix it.  Because once I create my character and go in-game...they'll have the Red Forehead which is annoying.


So I'm curious if their is anything in which I can do that can help remove this.


Yes, I've figured a work around it, which was to uninstall SG Textures, create the character, then reapply it, But they'll look just slightly different from my original look which is the problem.  100% sure SG textures being on and off is the reason why they look different.


If anyone knows of a way to be able to create a character without having to remove SG Textures and not deal with the RedHead problem that I would be truly Thankful.


Once again, thanks to all of those whom replied and tried to help me.  I'm very grateful.

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If you still have SG Textures installed, just rename the tintmask folder to something like "_tintmask" then after your done creating and saving your character including recreating the facetints, rename the folder back to "tintmask".


If you already did that then disregard what I suggested.

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If you still have SG Textures installed, just rename the tintmask folder to something like "_tintmask" then after your done creating and saving your character including recreating the facetints, rename the folder back to "tintmask".


If you already did that then disregard what I suggested.


Would you be able to write this in a step by step form if possible?


Sorry for asking, but I'm pretty scrubby when it comes to these type of things, so if I can get a "Newbie" style instruction on what you're implying. 


That way I can properly following with what you're saying without any hiccups.



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Creation Kit causes problems when custom tintmasks are being used and in your situation, that is the red forehead.


Go to Textures > actors > character > character assets and within the character assets folder you will find the tintmasks folder.  Right-click on the folder, choose RENAME, and change the name to something CK will ignore, i.e. change to "_tintmasks" or "tint-masks" or anything similar.

This will make CK ignore the custom tintmasks and use the original tintmasks.


Since you are done making your character, just go ahead and recreate the face tints (CTRL+F4) like you did before.  When your done, return to  Textures > actors > character > character assets and rename the tintmasks folder back to "tintmasks".  




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Thank You very much PsychoMachina!  This actually worked & they at least from my visual standpoints look accurate to how I created them in the Showracemenu, where as before when I had to uninstall the SG textures then reapply them, they looked slightly different.  I thank you once again for helping me and much appreciation!



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