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High Heels for Pantyhose Outfits

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Howdy all,


Unusual mod for me as this is really an addendum to an existing mod of mine. My good bud Xinafay produced a seriously awesome set of high heels (available on this page here exclusive to Loverslab no less - Freaking Awesome High Heels


If you like Xinafay's originals, please put a note of thanks on Xinafay's mod page as am sure it would be appreciated after all the hard work put in making them for you.


So, what is this mod then I hear you cry?


Well, glad you asked, as this mod takes Xinafay's mod and amends it to my preference, mainly making the heels of black patent leather variety and working with my three current main pantyhose textures, (black/red/white). This mod introduces new shiny black shoes that you can wear with any of my existing pantyhose outfits found in my panyhose outfit mod which can be found on Steam or here at: Pantyhose Collection Mod

Alternatively I made black patent versions of high/ultra/ballet without nylon also so you can wear with any other outfit you so choose if you want that black shiny look.


So to give you and idea of what this is about, without further ado check out this video:


The video only shows the high heels - the ultra heels and ballet heels are also included in the mod but only in black currently, and work with the 3 nylon colours. To see what the ultra/ballet heels look like (without the nylons, but you should get the idea from the 1st vid how nylons work) check this out:


I can different versions of the heels in time if people want them - just let me know. As it stands, only the black versions are in this mod - new colours will be made in seperate mods to avoid cluttering people's crafting areas - eventually when I get my shop running yu can just buy em all.


Thanks to Xinafay for the excellent work, and for allowing me to play and make this mod available to y'all.


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Guest wellbredbitch

oh great and wise TurboSnowy,  i think i have the latest version of HDT heel system, beta _0_5 ?   but my girl's heels are still sinking in.





any ideas?

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Yay!  I've been looking for this ever since I found the high heel shoe mod on this site.  Wearing stockings without feet is like taking a shower in a raincoat.  :-(


I prefer the Low Heels (they're really not, lol).  I like the way they look much more than those ultra-tall versions and those with the sky-high platform soles.


Any hope that you''l make the LOW HEEL variants available, too?  Oh, please, please, please say that you will....  



Lorelei Jaeger, Duchess of Silverstead  <3

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