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OK...I found this game called Loadout http://www.loadout.com/ and OMFG I haven't had so much fun mindlessly killing fragging and gibbing in a shooter in a long ass time.


Ever since CoD and Battlefield I got tired of shooters because those games ruined my favorite shooters like Unreal Tournament, Quake, Serious Sam, etc. CoD to me killed off the old school Arena shooters that I loved when I was younger and it really pissed me off. the only CoD i ever played was CoD 4 I pledged never to buy a CoD game again and I did just that, i'm proud of myself for that accomplishment. when Unreal Tournament 3 came out i was excited and I played it to death. Loadout helped bring back my love for shooters, It brings me back to when everyone had the fair advantage, No perks, no stupid killstreaks and all that crap. Loadout matches you with people of your skill level, yes you can buy and upgrade guns in that game there's a crapton of customization but its very balanced and not to the point of where you get instagibbed if your weapon is to powerful, and you CANT buy gun upgrades and addons with real money so everyone is on the same pace as you and no one has the upper advantage.


you see Theres games like Loadout that make me proud because its not your traditional Call of duty or battlefield where you have to look for servers and get matched up with people that are higher level than you and will rape you or go through that battlelog bullshit that i heard battlefield has (and yes I have not played any of the recent battlefields besides Bad company 2). in loudout you click the "fight" button pick and pick PVP or bots and boom your in a match no hassle no lag. and the graphics in loadout are nice and smooth and the game is highly optimized for PC and the controls are very functional. I will NEVER and i mean NEVER touch a call of duty or battlefield game again.


if you want to play an Arena shooter that is physically fun and not stressful because you get instakilled by some max level in CoD then Loadout is the game you want to play I advise people play it you will have a thrill playing that game.


I understand there are people that like call of duty and battlefield and I respect that, its not that I hate the people that play it, its the fact I despise the game itself, seriously 10 years from now it will be "call of duty 15! with slightly different graphics, same unbalanced Multiplayer and a new campaign that is 5 hours long!" ( I hear from a lot of people call of duty hasn't changed much) 


again, try this game its awesome!

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the game is pretty good and funny, the weapon customization (Healling rockets ftw!) is awesome, and the game is fair, no pay 2 win or shit like that, decent matchmaking, and tons of upgrades, the game is really worth

and just like you i'm tired of fps games like cod and battlefield, i miss the old times of goldeneye and cs 1.6, even call of duty 2 wich was the last good one i remember

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I'm not really a shooter person, nor a big fan of multiplayer games in general, but I gave it a shot the other day and must admit that it's a ton of fun. I don't see myself playing it for hours at a time, but for a quick match in-between things it is perfect. It has a fair pay-only-for-player-customization business model as well and is otherwise completely free, which is also pretty cool. At least there don't seem to be any pay-to-win elements in it like in a lot of other games of this sort.

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