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[Help] Installation questions


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So I am doing a fresh install of Skyrim in order to maximize the effectiveness of SexLab and redo my body mods.


I useb CBBE+TBBP the first time but this time I wanted to try the UNPB body since that is what is recommended.


In what order am I installing these mods? Right now I have it down to

Realistic Ragdolls
XP32 skeleton
dimonized UNP
UNPB (blessed body meta installer)


When do I install the coverwomen, apachiiHair, FNIS, SKSE mods? As well as SexLab/HDT physics and all this. Feels like a headache already...


I am attaching a screenshot of all the mods I'm going to use, feel free to recommend better face/beauty mods. I'm unsure about the Elven Overhaul since I like Breton and Nord a lot better.



**EDIT** moved to technical support forum, probably makes more sense in there.

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