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Deadly water/lava


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Hi there


I'm working on a dungeon and I would like to make a room that contains some kind of lava.

If the player or a NPC falls into it, it should kill him almost instantly.


I already built the room with the "Water1024Volcanic" water, so what do I have to do to get this working?

Is this even possible?


Any help appreciated :)


this is how it looks: post-20045-0-28166800-1392322539_thumb.jpg

Now it only needs to be deadly for the player to fall into that soup.

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Ok I figured it out with your tips, thx a lot. I added DB10FireDamageTriggerBox to my trigger, and it seems to work fine.

A little bonus question: Is there a (quick) way to increase the damage?

Now when my character falls into the "lava", he's dead after like 10 seconds.I'd rather have him dead after max 3 seconds :)

But that would just be a nice bonus :)

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