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nice trick with sos eqip so hang thru


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k I hope u guys understand this lol  k using equipable and sos is confusing  but if u wanna use futa on a chsbhc or any other body besides unp ....... (boring) do this. use download sos, sos equip, and sos control.  now once you have the program downloaded. go to your skyrim/data/mesh/actors/character/character assets female folder..i know right... then select  skeleton_female (b4 I go any further make sure you download the nifskope program its free. google it for site.) now once you double click the skeleton female the nifskope program will automatically come up. your gonna see a skeleton. now u only have to do 2 things it so simple scroll down til u get to NPC GENITALS01 [Gen01]  click it then scroll down to scale and make it how big u want it. I use 2.3000 (its pretty much the size of a villain futa in manga's and doujins lol)


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