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Needing just some puny little tiny help !

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Hey, this is going to be dumb but here goes : can someone tell me what does the vanilla Skyrim folder looks like ? I mean the launcher folder after you've installed it ? I've installed successively 3 enbs while trying them out, and other hialgo and enboosts etc, and now I've got like, shitloads of dll and stuff... 

I just want to remove them all without having too much work to do, checking every enb/patch I've installed, because I am a dirty lazy ass ! 


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If you want to go vanilla, just delete the whole folder and then "Verify integrity of game cache" through steam. You'll pretty much have to re-DL the whole game but it's the lazy "fuck thinking" way out lol

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Hey, I'm so dumb, I forgot about the steam cache thingy ... 

Verifying it installed all the files needed again, thanks for reminding me ! I just had to click 2 times too, my lazy ass is satisfied. 


Edit : It's not satisfied in the sense where it has just been fucked. Not that I'm saying ass fucking is not satisfying. 

Edit 2 : Satisfying for gay people, I mean. 

Edit 3 : I have nothing against gay people. 

Edit 4 : It can be satisfying for girls too, not just gay people. 

Edit 5 : Please stop me. 

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Copy the attached .bat to your skyrim folder, start it. Profit.

It's from nexus... or where was it from again? Dunno already. Bat thanks to the author anyway.

I only modified it a little, so it does not remove enblocal.ini(you're supposed tu tune this one up for your sys specs, and never replce) and enbseries folder(i'm tired of downloading enbhelper all over again, so you just go inside and remove all the .ini stuff manually).


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