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I see there is A ton of them in this section alone and i have no idea where to start with these Mods so can somebody give me a List of the Best/popular ones to use? (with the fallout ones theres about 1/2 as many if not 1/4 as many hahahaha)


cheers in advance :) (and im an adult so im not bothered about nudity ect)

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Best is a relative term that varies per a persons tastes.

Not knowing what yours are the best solution would be to have you take a look at the link below so you can decide for yourself.


Note: the above link does not include all plugins as there are quite a few new ones and it hasn't been updated recently.


If you are looking for non adult mods then the nexus is still the best place to browse.


Oblivion being several years older than fallout is the reason there are more mods. Fallout NV mod selection is growing daily however.....:)


Holler if you have further questions. :)

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