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2 Important questions about installation


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1.So, in the guides, it says to put things in a certaian load order and at the top of the list is Oblivion.esm, would this be the same.esm file in the data folder? So I'm basically putting the esm/esp folders in order under that file right?


2.Is there a 100% noobs guide for this? I have No real experience in installing mods, so I'm mostly learning and winging it.

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If this is your first experience using any mods, or even looking inside the oblivion folder, you've kinda jumped in at the deep end. The mods you find here usually come with several requirements and usually not the best documentation.


The best advice I can give you is to start things slowly. Get a basic understanding of how to install and manage your mods. A good place to start would be:



To manage your load order, you need a mod manager program. OBMM is the most used one, and will suffice for simple mods. Once you get to things like overhaul mods, Wrye Bash will help to resolve mod conflicts and more. But it's a more complicated program, which will take some time to get familiar with.


Once you have OBMM up and running, I'd start with putting in some simple mods and some basic must have mods such as body replacers. You'll want those anyway before you start messing around with things like Lovers. Try looking at Nexus top 100 list to get an idea of what a lot of people are using. It'll also help you get a better understanding of how to install everything.

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Thanks for the site, definitely helpful and by the way, do I have to play through the game to a certain amount before I can install lovers?


P.S. I guess I'm not 100% new, maybe 90-85, but I have already downloaded OBMM

P.S.S. Where exactly do I put patch files? It's been a while but you put the files in their corresponding folder under the data section right?

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esp/esm files and meshes/textures/sounds folders all go directly into the data folder.


It is a good policy to extract any file to a temp location and view its file structure rather than just dumping it blindly into the data folder. Some mod makers make mods that already have a data folder and thus you are dropping a data into a data and end up with oblivion\data\data which won't work at all. :(


OMOD files are the easiest to install for beginners as you just double click on the file and it will launch OBMM and then just select that file and click activate and it installs the mod into the correct folders. Unfortunately you won't find a huge amount of these as many advanced modders don't like to use them preferring instead to manually install things so they know what is getting overwritten (if anything).


Ease your way into things so you don't become frustrated. Install mods one at a time and then test if they work. If you install a bunch at a time and have problems it will be a nightmare to figure out which one is the culprit.


Lastly back up your game on a regular basis. If you install a few mods and things are working great then make a backup of your entire oblivion folder before installing more (you can compress this backup to save space). As you install more mods and things are still working swimmingly then replace your old backup with your current setup. This will allow you to quickly recover from a bad mod and save you from punching a hole in your monitor!!! :)

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