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Weird creature sex effect/alignment issue

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Using SL 1.39, and testing the new Troll animations... They are groovy! But I'm seeing the Troll schlong stick out the back of my female PC. Is this because the animators used a different kind of creature penis in their modelling?






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Because they did not used any penis at first, the bestiality extras are way too big and clip through the body.


Let's just hope the next TES will have proper collisions :P


I have found that for some reason the creature is scaled up during animation don't know why so most times I will sit through a animation with with my finger on the tilde ~ key with player.setscale 1.2 punched in and every stage change I hit it lol

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Has anyone talked about using Havoc/HDT for collision support for penetrations / suckages?


I doubt the HDT havoc object will be enough actually, depending on the size of your breast there's clipping because they are expanded behind the scope of bones, when we will have a complete version of Vaginas of Skyrim http://www.loverslab.com/topic/18250-rel-beta-realistic-genitalia-for-cbbe/?hl=%20vaginas it will progress.

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