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So, you like being an archer.


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But you hate that ugly quiver on your back. It appears to have more bulk in it than your entire armor set (because obviously, everyone here probably has something skimpy or no armor at all). The quiver just doesn't fit in. You could remove the quiver and just have the single arrow, but that looks just as stupid!



Now, I have devised sort of a "work around" for this. I'll tell you what I did.


1. Energy bow mod.



This simply adds a bow which generates its own arrows. The appearance of the bow, and the stats are irrelevant. I changed them all in the toolset, what you want is the arrow script.


2. Make your arrows invisible!


Either take an existing quivernarrow nif, open it in nifscope, and delete all the blocks except for the single arrow, or use this mod:



And just take the one for glass arrows (which this bow happens to use the model for)


Then, set the alpha of the texture of that arrow to zero. This makes it completely transparent.


3. Make it glow


The invisible arrow no longer looks stupid on your back, but you can't see it now. While that was the intended goal, it is bad too. How do you aim when you can't see arrows?


Arrow effects:



This adds glow-ey particles to arrows by extending particle effects from weapon enchants to arrow models. With your invisible arrow, you will see the particles, but not the model. This, for one, looks badass. You are shooting magic arrows, and they literally are pure magic. The arrow won't be glowing until you fire it from the bow.


Simply open up the arrows in the energybow.esp in the toolset, and add any enchantment for what effect you want, fire, frost, etc. I personally use light, because it doesn't do any additional damage or whatever. It also provides illumination which looks awesome if you are using mods for darker nights, or let there be darkness for dungeons that are completely pitch-black more than 4 feet away.



End result: That bow from the movie Immortals.


Only problem is, the grabbing arrow animation off of your back. (Maybe someone could modify the animation to cut it out and just have nock & draw?)


Also, I would be interested to know if anyone knows of a better way to eliminate that stupid ugly quiver off of my back, or a better work-around.


With my luck, there is probably an addon that does EXACTLY that and I just never found it.

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Uwaa, I was going to shamelessly advertise my own mod here (the crimson wings) but I see they are already here :)


I got a lot of questions for the red arrows, they are from Maton's 3_bows mod, I just retextured them red.


But AAAH! Particle effects for arrows! Thank you so much for that! I actually like seeing the quiver on my back (simply because maton's arrow meshes are so gorgeous) but particles! I LOVE YOU.

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I managed to fix the accuracy off-set issue with first-third person mods, such as Ultimate 3rd Person Camera : http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=29942


Basically, it makes your first-person body, and creates a "dummy" you in front of your actual skeleton. What I did to fix the accuracy off-set that this caused is to simply change the invisible skeleton's position to be directly behind the camera, instead of the camera being to the right of it.


Here is how you do it:

1. Take the skeleton.nif from data/meshes/characters/_1stperson and open it in nifskope.


2. There should be three things under ninode, the scene root. Right click on lsextrabip01 and go to transform -> edit. You then increment the x value and Z value to your camera. For example, the default mod I matched up at X = 35, Y = 0, Z = -10. If you use something other than the default, you should change those to match it up yourself. Just use trial and error, shoot arrows with the changes until you see them coming directly out of your screen.


3. You will also need to change your crosshair position, as it is offset from the center. You will find it in data/menus/main/hud_reticule.xml


You will find the position at line ~42 or so, there is

(some number

(some number


You should change it to something about x = -60 y = -50. Again, some trial and error to get it right. Sadly, the middle of the screen is not, in fact, 0,0.



This however creates a slight glitch in animation, as the arrows are being fired directly from your camera, which is slightly offset from your "dummy". As far as I know, this is unavoidable due to the nature of the way the mod is designed, but the improvement to accuracy is worth it. You really won't notice unless you look for it hard enough.


Additionally, this creates a slight offset in melee-accuracy. (about half your "dummy"s width to the right). I however find this a much smaller problem to deal with than the ranged accuracy glitch, as it will always be the same offset. Additionally, you can simply change to normal third-person view if you are ever fighting in melee, and the problem would be gone entirely.


I however, believe there is a way to solve the melee issue. I got the idea for doing this from this mod: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=23250


I Believe, the difference is, the maker of that simply offset the arrow-shooting bone of the skeleton, not the whole thing. I tried to simply use that, but his skeleton doesn't support BBB, so when I try to use it I get "boobs to infinity".


If anyone more knowledgeable wants to do that type of conversion for a working skeleton, I would love you long time. I tried to do it myself... But I kept getting messy results. I can only really hobble together already-working things to make something, I can't really make anything on my own. :(

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I was also able to add the arrow particle effects from the mod mentioned before to arcane archery.


All you do is add a normal enchantment to the 5 arrow enchants from that mod via the toolset. For example, I added one point of fire damage to the fire arrows, then they have fire particle effects.

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Uwaa' date=' I was going to shamelessly advertise my own mod here (the crimson wings) but I see they are already here :)


I got a lot of questions for the red arrows, they are from Maton's 3_bows mod, I just retextured them red.


But AAAH! Particle effects for arrows! Thank you so much for that! I actually like seeing the quiver on my back (simply because maton's arrow meshes are so gorgeous) but particles! I LOVE YOU.


Is there any chance of you making your own quiver and arrows to go with your Crimson Wings? I love your Light Swords and Magic Sheilds and I'm just a quiver of arrows away from never needing any more weapons.

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Why do you even need quivers for a bow, that looks like a result of a complex magic spall? I doubt you will shoot regular arrows from such a bow. And if not regular, you'll just summon an arrow when you need one, or bow does this for you.


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@uriel: Agreed


It should be like that bow in the old 80's "Dungeons & Dragons" cartoon.





Thats what the OP basically does.


The problem is, to make the quiver completely invisible, you have to make the arrow completely invisible... so it is hard to aim.


Making the arrow glow via particle effects solves this.



Can really be done with any arrow.

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Those Crimson Wings bows look pretty awesome but I'm not into enchanting weapons myself so I use not as good looking BlastBark from Hentai Mania. Love the Ayleid Arcane Archery mod too. Arcane Archery is good too I just wish it was the reward for a good quest instead of having it to start out Oblivion with. Anybody have links to other awesome bows,enchanted bows or bows from good quests?

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Not a bow but this works well with them: Conduit Magic. You can temporarily enchant bows (and melee weapons) with any spell you know' date=' each strike costing magicka. It's great fun for arcane archer or spellsword types :)



Doesn't really fit into the point of this thread.


The point is to provide a work-around for ugly quivers that don't look right when paired with "appropriate-for-fantasy" female armors.


The problem is that when you make the arrows and quiver invisible, it is hard to aim as you don't see where they are to correct your shot placement. Adding spell effects to invisible arrows makes them visible, and makes it look more realistic in the sense that you have a bow that fires magic arrows. (Because that would be the only way it would make sense if you had no quiver)


The energy bow script and arcane archer were just workarounds to simulate magic arrows being generated by the bow, or the character, instead of having to carry around a load of arrows when you are supposedly magically creating them as you shoot.


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