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Do Fallout 3 and windows7 have issues?


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I just bought Fallout 3 but it CTDs when I go to make a new game. I've never gotten past this point. I was wondering if it might be some windows7 issue and have tried several fixes to no avail.

I have a lower end computer (emachine 1 t mem. 3 gigs ram)

I thought I'd have no problems since it plays Oblivion quite well and I was hoping someone might be familiar with this problem.

No mods installed...I couldn't see them if I did anyway.

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After installing the game imediately go here:



Download and install the patch.


Some other notes:

1. Did you install it to your programs file directory? If so this is a no no. Create a folder outside of the program files one to install games to so you can avoid problems with UAC. Example: C:\Games\Fallout 3

2. Try running the game as an administrator (right click on the exe to get this option).

3. I highly suggest you grab Fallout Mod Manager over at the nexus (FOMM) as it will allow you to see and enable any mods you add.


Remember that Fallout 3 while it is an old game is more recent than oblivion and thus the required specs will be a little higher. Try lowering your settings if you have trouble.


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There is a problem with multicore processors. On Bethesda forums is an description how to fix it. And this site helped me a lot too. http://www.tweakguides.com/Fallout3_10.html


Oblivion, Fallout 3 both have issues with this regard. The problem is they only use one core and ignore the others. The fix will help slightly. More important is the RAM unlocker and other utilities.


Fallout NV was only slightly better.


Note: Skyrim is improved but they STILL left a lot on the table that the folks who make the infamous script extenders are fixing. Very sad that Beth keeps ignoring the PC's. :(

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Thanks, everyone.

Thanks to a small .dll fix I found I got past the character generator and got out of the Vault...now textures go black and the game crashes when I move into the...wastelands I suppose.

Now I'll try these other fixes and post how it goes.

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I've tried numerous fixes and every time I play I can get a little bit farther.

I'm determined to wrestle this thing into submission...or else.:angel:


on a whim I turned down some graphic settings today (12/26/11) and the thing is playing pretty well not a crash yet. Hope I fixed everything else before I thought to turn the settings down.

Thanks ,everybody, for all your help.

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