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[Mod Request] More idle animations


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Hey guys,


I really like the "alternative sexy idles" animations which can be found around here in the download section. I totally love them. If anybody is willing and able to do MORE of those, I'd be the first person to go and  grab the download!


Some ideas:


  1. Instead of a single idle animation, let's have a single "base" stance (character just standing there and breathing)
  2. After a certain amount of time without player action (MCM menu setting perhaps?), the character becomes "bored"
  3. When a character is bored, he/she will randomly select and play one of the available "additional idle" animations (again, MCM menu for enabling/disabling individual animations would come in handy).
  4. When the animation has finished, the characte returns to its neutral standing animation again. Repeat from 2. until player takes some action (e.g. move around)


Regarding animations, I love HDT physics. So I could imagine an animation where a female character just presses her boobs together, just for fun (hell, I know that a real woman would not likely do this, but that's what we're here for, right?!), or lays down on the ground relaxing, or does some stretching - nothing too complex and no environment interaction involved.


Unfortunately I can't do this myself as I have very little modding experience at all. I already find it quite difficult to deal with Outfit Studio correctly ^_^'



Anyone else who would like to see this in action? I do :D







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it is a good idea, but what about when your char is just talking to another NPC and your char places, by a anim on the floor.
it looks a bit stupid but then from when you are lying on the floor and the interlocutor must then look down. it is better a standing position to take one.



es ist eine gute idee , aber wie sieht es aus wenn dein char gerade im gespräch mit einem anderen NPC ist und dein char legt sich , durch eine anim auf den boden .

das sieht doch dann ein bißchen dumm aus , wenn du auf den boden liegst und der gesprächspartner dann nach unten schauen muß . es ist doch besser eine stehende position ein zu nehmen .


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