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I'm having a problem with 3 specific cut scenes:


     1)  Samantha after taking her to the inn.

     2)  Lindsey after compeleting her quest and she asks you to worship with her.

     3)  Emanuel after you find out that she is actually a woman.


All of them CTD after the cut scene kicks in.

I've been trying to figure out why and noticed today that I appear to be equipping armor at the start of the cut scene that I am not currently wearing.

I managed to capture these screen shots from the last part of Emanuel's quest.


Before the cut scene plays (Nudity and large file).

My character is the one with the dialouge running across her butt.






Just as the cut scene starts (Nudity and large file).

I'm on the right side, helmet from inventory became equipped and there is no body.






If anyone has a fix for that, I'd appreciate it.

All the prior cut scenes have worked and I'm just at the start of the Sumuru quest.


I do have LPK installed and that seems to be working fine and yes, I do know that I should be running bare bones for CS.

I'm just running through the CS story for now, waiting for Ultimate to be completed.  So, it's no biggie if this can't be fixed.



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Duh!  I'm stoopid.


There was a "VToy Suit" in my inventory.  I notice it a week ago.

Once I dropped that, the cut scenes played.


Now off to find out if I can fix the few NPCs with bad eyes!  : )


PS  Great game Gumpf.  The quests are hilarious!

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