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[SKSE Needed] Performance Improvement Mod


What increase of fps in average have you seen in ressource intensive places?  

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  1. 1. What increase of fps in average have you seen in ressource intensive places?

    • 0%
    • 10%
    • 20%
    • 30% !
    • 40% and beyond!

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There it is, the proof that Bethesda went really lazy with PC users: they haven't used any SSE optimization instruction (present in processors since 1999!!) when they compiled the game main exe... instead, they compiled it with default x87 set, which contributes to the really CPU-intensive game we know about today...


But there is now a mod (more like a fix) to correct that : official Bethesda forum.


This mod promises us up to 40% (20/30% were reported on average in the thread) increase in performance, especially in low-fps places.


Well, real optimization would be done if the game was compiled beforehand with the right instruction set, so this should be way more optimized if Bethesda recompiled the game, but that's already awesome!

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Well Ill try this out now.


Have to create a new charater because apparently showracemenu ****ed up my skill points and my 2 handed went from 79 to 15.


Hopefully this helps a lot.


If something like that happens you could always use the console to fix it. Something like:


player.setav twohanded 79


or this handy script that makes a batch txt file to do a perk respec



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man i hardly even visit bethesda anymore because of trolls.. but if this is true that could really be a leap forward. combined with the latest LAA patch, this game could be again very good..


btw why are you linking to strange site first ??




This is the official link.


what is the link in fornt of it ??

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That site is not strange, don't worry, that's only a way to prevent any linked site to know from were I came from.

That's called an referrer anomymizer, if you want to know more ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_referrer )

And that website just scrap that referrer.


My policy is to not advertise from where I come from, as a protection to the original site I browse from (here it is loverslab, I don't think that the website getting too much attention is a good thing), and as a protection for myself.


If you have firefox, try to use refcontrol and you'll see in every site what information you give them about from where did you come.

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