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How 'Lovers' Changed My Life In Oblvion

Guest GingerTom

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Guest GingerTom


Oblivion, for me, has always been a bit of 'it's really nice looking with all these mods added on, but...something's missing...'


That's changed completely since I found 'Lovers with PK' a couple of weeks ago.


I've re-started this game before--oh, say, a thousand times? (Seriously, I'm not kidding.) It always lacked something and I got tired of it after awhile and started over again...


I always knew what it was, I didn't feel any commitment to the story line as I went upon my merry way through the landscape. I had nothing to lose and neither did I have anything to gain--oh, goody, I just made another pile of gold--just what I needed. Always more gold.


It always lacked a purpose. It always lacked realism to me. The story, my character, always lacked a reason to strive, to move forward, to do better.


It always lacked 'Lovers'.


With 'Lovers' you now can have a family--a real family. People to take care of--that's why you work in real life, to take care of your family. Now it feels real to me. I no longer want to start another game wearing a souped-up tank around my body with a mighty big humongous super-enchanted sword in my hands and killing everything that dares to move across my path--now I'm in a world that feels real to me and I want to play it realistically.


I want to do better this time around, I want to be the Champion--but this time I have a reason--it's for my family. I want to protect them. I can't live in a one room shack anymore and pile things in a corner, I'm married, now, with a kid on the way and I'm going to need to buy a bigger house--perhaps, eventually, a castle with all the gold I'm going to make. I have big plans to move up in the world.


I want my family to be proud of me.


And they will.


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I have to agree that my latest trip through Oblivion is very different from that first one. More immersive mods less 'armor of death' type mods. I also have an in-game family (as does my real wife) and the 'horror' of discovering your house is too small for everyone (not enough beds/chairs/etc) is quite amusing.


Are their any particular 'immersive mods' you find essential? Besides Lovers, that is. I suppose the main one I couldn't live without is "Hungry Thirsty Sleepy Tired" which ties food sleep and drink together with the Oblivion fatigue system. Fatigue is much more a factor now...swinging a huge sword will tire you in seconds if you're too weak to use it properly. Running will drain fatigue quickly unless your athletics is high. Exhausting yourself repeatedly will require more sleep to recover. The type of bed quality will affect the quality of sleep, etc.


Worth a go if you haven't tried it. Warning though...if anyone tries it and doesn't like it, make sure you uninstall the mod with all your stats normal (no negative effects from the mod) or those effects will become permanent. The mod also requires Oblivion's time scale to be reduced from x30 to x10 or less. This can be done with COBL or in the console (set timescale to 10 if I'm not mistaken). Time set at x30 makes the day too darn short, anyways.



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Guest GingerTom

I use Roughing It for camping in the wilderness because it's simple: It's all words (magic spell, really) there's a count down and you either go to sleep or it says 'I don't feel comfortable sleeping here'.


Most people never heard of it:




I also use Synchronized Date and Time because it's real time: One minute in game is one minute in real life. If you turn the game on at real time 11:00 pm then it's 11:00 pm in the game as well--that's the way I like it and it should be good for vampires (I'm not a vampire--in the game--or real life.) :P





Last but not least I use Basic Primary Needs (food, water, sleep.) And just like all the others it's a little tricky. Because you're playing in real time if you quite the game and come back a week later--you'll be dead!!! Starved to death etc unless you make one change to the ini:



; 3rd party mod settings ;


; By default this mod includes its own built-in vampire needs system.

; To support a 3d party vampire mod change the following settings to 1

; (no vampire thirst/sleep enabled). For information on fully integrating

; vampire mods into BPN check the pdf readme (chapter 3.4).

; Suggested options: 0, (1) -> off, (on)


set BPN.ini_vampire_nothirst to 0

set BPN.ini_vampire_nosleep to 0


; By default the player character suffers stat/attribute loss when time

; passes by, even when not playing. Time passes by when not playing only

; when installing 3rd party mods like "Synchronized Date and Time".

; Suggested options: 0, (1) -> off, (on)


set BPN.ini_statloss_link to 1


So you set it to '0'--I can never remember which (test it for one day) and you have time pass when you're not playing but (and quest times moves along for example) but your stats continue from where you shut down your last game session.




And I also use Ultimate 3rd camera so I can see what I'm doing. (I did the non-hud mod for that--I like a clean screen.)




And I've changed a few inis on Lovers.


So that's a few things I use.


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Are their any particular 'immersive mods' you find essential? Besides Lovers' date=' that is. I suppose the main one I couldn't live without is "Hungry Thirsty Sleepy Tired"


Hey, I wonder how do you combine lovers with that mod? I used rather extensive mod for hunger/fatigue but had to turn it off, because I ended up with people falling uncounscious after they rape somebody (grin) wich is totally unacceptable. One of the mods I use (i guess, either lovers themselves or one of the rape mods) uses fatigue bar for some kind of sexual calculations, so my chracter could have normal sex only twice per day, afterwards she'll fall on the gound breathless and be barely able to move till the end of the day.


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I used Vim_and_Vigor_Overhauled. Apparently this mod makes anybody with empty fatigue bar to drop unconscious, and, since in my game this bar doesn't shoot back up to full after sex (rather, it crawls relatively slowly) I got those faint of heart rapists everywhere :)

So i simply disabled basic needs. Truth be told, with OOO and other mods I've installed the game is pretty hard as it is (I'm especially worried about this athletic feature). But I'm going to try HTST anyway.

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On the flip-side' date=' fatigue affects everyone...not just the PC. So damage fatigue poisons actually DO something while in combat or being chased.



Doh. My savegame fails to load when I enable HTST 0_o

Not crashes, simply loads forever. Loads ok without it.

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