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S'Lanter, Mutated Raccons?

Lovely Rose

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Anyone Hear of this?



Cut material from Fallout  XD



With batch 11-011, we have improved the mitotic cycle efficiency by 43%. We have infected 53 raccoons with the new strain. In addition to the now expected size increase, behavioral tests confirmed an increase in Intelligence and manual dexterity by 19 points on the Schuler-Kapp index. Unfortunately, several subjects escaped confinement and had to be hunted down and dispatched. Major Barnett ordered the remaining subjects terminated. Two pairs were unaccounted for.


Intresting if it was a Monster in fallout 4? XD

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i read it here are some stats for the fallout d&d




It would be great to have some stuff to talk to that is not human or goul since the deathclaws that could talk were killed of. and the were dog give the fev to but were shot and kill form a safe ways away.


same link i posted. you know that right? XD


and eya it would be neat.

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