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Help here please CTD when zoning


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Hey there,


I've attached hopefully the correct papyrus log as it was the last up to date one that loaded. My problem here is I haven't a clue how to understand this log or how to fix my game other than uninstalling faulty mods and hope I don't have to backtrack saves too much.


I should by rights start a fresh installed game with a brand new save game from start but I've kind of got by since day one of modding without any particular fuss!


Something is crashing my game to desktop and usually it's only occurring when entering Dragonsreach and then crashes just as it loads once exiting the building, it sometimes does this for other places but is more consistent there!


I'm testing as I go but help would be greatly appreciated thanks :)


Edit: Only seems to exist with Dragonesreach, cannot figure out what mod might have, or is screwing up at the moment for that building upon exiting the door back to Skyrim!


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