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Monster/animal texture replacers for Lovers Creatures?


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Anyone know which texture replacer mods for monsters and animals will work with lovers creatures? I was gonna use Dall's Creatures replacer since it does not need and esp and only archive invalidation but then I looked in the file folder and saw he had his own meshes in there and I got nervous. He dosent use his own skeletons I think but is it safe to replace the creature meshes and still have lovers creature work?


Are there any other(better) replacers for Oblivion and Shivering isles that work with lovers creatures?

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Dall's should work fine with Lovers Creatures if he uses the same skeletons. The meshes for the lover's creatures are summoned and use a creature "armor mesh", and are separate creature references, and like all normal Oblivion creatures. Dall's creatures won't use that mesh unless you have an extra ESP that tells them to do so. The only exceptions to this are the canines if you are using Lover's Bitch. They just have the dog members (instead of armor mesh), that might add to any canines in Dall's mod when they are about to rape you. It won't affect anything otherwise.


(edited to cure run-on sentences.)

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