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FCO working with over NPC mods / resources?


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Have you tried searching the FCO forum post to see if someone has asked a similar question?  I'd be surprised if they hadn't.  I asked Drumber something last week in it, and he was quick to respond.  I would look for you, but I'm not on my regular computer. so research is more difficult.  While I have guesses, I don't want to suggest something, be totally wrong, and then screw up your textures. : /

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Guest endgameaddiction

What specific hair are you looking to have both NPCs use? I could add them to both Cass and Veronica


I'm not specifically sure what you want FCO to work with Cass and Veronica. Because in FCO it uses the WoTW headmesh that's been altered, so it would change both those NPCs face. You won't get the same appearance you see from the images on that mod. Unless you added the custom path for them to use a separate headmesh, which is more than likely the vanilla headmesh. Are you just looking to use the FCO face textures with Cass and Veronica?

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