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Bunny Ear Texture Gone


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Labrat, it looks like something may have overwritten the ear texture. Installed any new races or skin textures lately? It almost looks like an argonian skin....:(


You could always pop open the ear mesh in nifskope and click on the ear and see where and what the texture is so you can fix it.



Silly little modders are always forgetting a niggling little detail like making sure the texture path is correct.....:)

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Hi there, thanks for looking. The path's fine. I know what you mean by argonian, but I think it might be a "normal"/alpha type of problem.


I've already tried all the nifskope and blender fixes that I can think of and it's got me stumped. I've got a nagging feeling that this was a problem that I've fixed before - when I first downloaded the mod. I'm fairly sure it was a simple stupid thing that I've forgotten. I saw that other folk had this problem when the model was released - but g00gle reveals appeals for help but no solutions.


It coincided with a graphics driver update but I think that that is just coincidence.

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If you use nifskope to open the nif ear file and right click on the ear and select texture then edit uv, the maping that pops open to the dds file is both the correct file and properly aligned (also check the alpha/normal paths in nifskope just to be sure)?


If so then something is very strange.


If it was a driver issue I would think it would have far greater effects than one ear even if it as an alpha/normal issue as those ears can't be the only ones of their type in your game. Worst case try grabbing that nif and its corresponding texture file and overwriting your current ones to see if maybe something in the files themselves got screwed up somehow.


Definitely a brain teaser.....:(

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Hi Gregathit, thanks again.


I've checked the UV mapping and it's OK.




likewise no probs showing in Blender and changing export values has no effect.


I hate playing with alphas and normals but that is my suspicion. I should have said that it effects all the rabbits in my game (all two of them). First thing I did was restore the nifs and textures with the original backup. I still have this nagging feeling I've seen this before and it was a bog easy solution to an "obvious" gaff.


There is a possibility that I fixed this in my play version and never stashed the solution in the backup, and re-downloading the mod just re-downloads the original problem. Sigh.

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Thanks Gregathit. There ought to be a special title for "most helpful troubleshooter on board", I don't think I'd be the only one nominating yourself.


I'm coming round to the idea of a potential conflict - I have been "rationalizing" my data folder and load order and your threads have been most useful in that regard.

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Thanks :)


Since I am still trying to figure out how to do anything USEFUL in blender/nifskope I just try to help as I can, where I can. Lovers and mods in general are just too damn much fun to keep to ones self.


I guess I just have a soft spot for those having trouble due to how I had learn pretty much by trial and error with no outside help. By the time I stumbled on to good tutorials and folks that would not just insult you for asking questions I already had learned the hard way :(

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